BMF 2015 Press Release

Borneo Music Festival concluded it’s second edition on Saturday, 7th March 2015 at Pusat Pelancongan Malaysia Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur.

The Grand Final Concert wich was held at Mini Auditorium, MATIC Jalan Ampang started at 8.45pm.

The event was hosted by Borneo Heritage and managed by Ku’Rami Entertainment, both based in Kuala Lumpur. Borneo Music Festival’s first edition was held in 2013 and this year marks the second edition the singing competition was held.

The main objective of the event is to provide a national platform for Sarawak and Sabah talents and promote the daily use of native language among Borneo natives.

“There are limited platforms for Sarawak and Sabah young talents to explore their potentials and to compete in the big Malaysian market is too overwhelming for some of them. By limiting the participation to Sarawak and Sabah, it is hoped that they would feel more comfortable to participate and that helps in gaining courage and building confidence”, the director of Borneo Music Festival, Agustus Sapen explained.

“Moreover, we find that more and more Borneo youths are not conversing in their mother tongues even at home and if this issue is not addressed, we will witness the extintion of some Borneo native languages”, Agustus added.

Borneo Music Festival makes it compulsary for the finalists to sing one song in their native language. This directly draws their focus to the native language because they must understand the song linguistically and emotionally. The second song can be either in Bahasa Malaysia or English.

“The finalists are all Sarawakians and Sabahans working and studying in the Klang Valley. Once they are selected, their training includes performing with the band Andy & Co. in front of an audience either in night clubs or busking on the streets.  This helps to build their confidence so they could preform well during the Grand Final Concert” said Evelyn, the Director of Ku’Rami Entertainment.

The auditions and finalists showcase series were conducted in live acoustics, made possible by the band Andy & Co. lead by Andy Irwandy who is also the event's Music Director.  Borneo Music Festival would not materialize without his dedication and commitment together with musicians Mie on drums and Amy on Keyboard. Several practice sessions were required before the finalists achieved reasonable synchronization with the band.  A good chemistry between the finalists and the band dictates the success of the Grand Final Concert and the finalists' path to victory.

Borneo Music Festival in not just a singing competition. It is a platform for Borneo Heritage to identify talents with high potential so they can be groomed into professional entertainers.

The organizer also plans to incorporate battle of the bands with priority towards traditional musical instruments. By blending the old and the new, Borneo Music Festival aspires to bring ethnic music to a new level, appreciated throughout different generations across multiple demographics.

This year’s Borneo Music Festival winners win cash prizes and flight tickets to Manila, Philippines. 

The titles are Overall Champion (RM1500 cash) which went to Slim Joe, Best Vocal (RM1000) won by Fransisca Juingki Sikuah, Best Performance won by Maxwell Stephen Lupang (RM1000) and Special Award for highest commitment and participation went to NurAzlan Sajali.

The bonus highlight of the night was a casual appearance by one of Malaysia's respected rock legends, Amir Ukays. He was also one of the jury for the Grand Final Concert, alongside the co-founder of The Guitar Store, Mr. Low Kia Soon. Amir Ukays belted out a few of Ukays' popular songs in an impromptu jamming session with Andy & Co. towards the end of the concert.

The title Overall Champion also includes a recording, marketing and promotion contract for the winner's single, released under Ku'Rami Entertainment Label.

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